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Frequently asked questions


Drain covers are made of AISI 316 stainless steel cut using high definition laser with a brushed finish on both sides.

The lacquered drain covers are manufactured in AISI 430 stainless steel with a coat of primer of epoxy oven-cured paint, plus the finishing coat in the colour requested.

The design of the bases and the subsequent manufacture of the moulds has, as one of the most relevant factors, the objective of providing the base with slopes which enable draining the water quickly at a minimum rate of 0.132 gallons/second (0,6 litres/second)

Depending on the dimensions and the model, these slopes fluctuate between a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 4%, depending on the drain position.

Slope Slope: between 2% and 4%

This varies depending on the base model. See technical sheets at Downloadsfor further information.

You can find technical data sheets and instructions at Downloads

AD WATERS has a stock of spare parts. Ask for a quotation from our customer service or see spare parts section of this catalog for those you require.

Our recommendation is not to do it. Screwing to the base other materials that have a different dilatation and contraction coeficients could lead to a crack. It is better to use silicone for this purpose as this type of adhesive has certain grade of elasticity.

But, if you need to drill as per shower doors instructions, please follow these indications:

- Not to drill close to the border; the hole must be, at least 1/2” (12 mm) from the border.

- Use drills of 1/8” diameter (3 mm) as per the majority of shower doors specify.

- It can be used drills for tiles, metal or wood. As softer is the alloy of the drill, bigger will be its wear.

- The drill can be done with a drilling tool in hammer position or not.

- IMPORTANT: apply silicon/caulk into the hole prior to put the screw.

All our bases and sinks are manufactured from moulds using our patented material SILEXPOL (Patent 2.434.591). It is a highly resistant material, mix of polyurethane resins and mineral based materials. Does not contain Silica. It is, in short, an anti-slip product that, visually, barely gets stained, with a density of 1,9 kg/dm3 and an absorption coefficient of 0,01%. Its impact resitance is similar to the average of natural stone and is also very resistant to bending, which prevents breakages.

All shower bases have a maximum drainage capacity for liquids with a viscosity similar to that of water between 0.53 and 0.85 litres/second depending on the waste fitted.

The sprays are pressurised containers and do not contain air, so their content will not lose its properties and can be used several times.

If the container isn’t empty, this problem may be due to dry paint having gathered in the red diffuser which is being pressed. Put it in solvent for a few minutes or order a new diffuser from FIORATM.

No, these irregularities belong to the very surface texture of the shower bases which are so characteristic of FIORATM.

Provided that the hot object is not over 120ºC. If over that temperature, the final coating of the SILEXPOL could suffer slight color changes and even degrade at really high temperatures.

Muro panels

Muro Panels can be easily drilled with a central guide bit, similar to those used in wood or drywall. You must leave at least 1 3/16" / 3 cm from the edges when drilling and use a larger DRILL BIT? so that if it expands or contracts, it does not generate tension.

To make a window coating or similar, it must be taken into account that the exposed edge must be finished and you have to leave at least 1/16’’ / 1.5 ml the expansion joint. The window should be framed with the panel. It is not recommended to make an opening directly in the panel for this type of installation.

As it is explained in the instructions and the assembly video:

The same tools used for wood or drywall.

The glue should be applied in chickpea size balls to correct wall irregularities. (See instructions or video

In complex installations we must shore up until the adhesive acts, in the standard ones the assembly of screens and taps facilitates the installation. If it is necessary, you can put pressure on wall with wood planks and leave it as is an overnight.

The installation guide recommends leaving 1/16" / 1,5 ml spacing between panels.

Mix of polyurethane resins, and mineral based materials. Does not contain Silica.

Due to very high temperatures generated in steam showers, we do not recommend MURO panels to be installed in these specific set-ups as they would be subject to higher than usual expansion.

There is no problem, just like the shower trays. Do not use abrasive cloths or sponges. See catalogue for conditions of use and maintenance (

MURO panels do not discolour when cared for as per provided care & maintenance instructions. An optical lighting effect can occur when natural light is projected on panels installed in the same shower unit, although this is not discoloration, but natural light temporarily affecting the way the colour shade is perceived at the moment.


All shower bases have an area of 1´´ all around with a minimum slope (almost flat) in order to ensure that the shower door lays down correctly.

It is very important to seal the entire perimeter of the countertop adjacent to the furniture in order to prevent water coming into contact with the parts of the furniture made of MDF. Make sure that the installer carefully follows these instructions when performing this operation.

The bases must be cut with a diamond disc, similar to those used to cut stone, tiles, bricks, etc. No water is necessary.

NOTE 1: In all of the edges which are cut, the texture will disappear leaving the surface smooth after cutting.

NOTE 2: For cuts close to the drain, the minimum distance that should be left from the drain cover to the closest edge is 10’ (254mm).


The gluing and/or sealing of the various parts will be done using a caulk sealant. These types of products are also usually used in expansion joints with little movement, sanitary fittings, reinforcement adhesive, door and window frames.

No. The shower bases are 100% waterproof and they do not allow water to leak. Except for specific construction regulations, they do not require membranes, or similar, to be placed underneath. This is one of their main advantages in comparison with tiled shower floors.

No, as the majority of the existing ones on the market fit with our bases. Refer to the technical specifications for recommended models.

No, as most faucets are supplied with a drain. The drain hole fits all the existing drains on the market.

During their manufacture and transport, the bases are charged with static electricity which means that the first few times the water does not flow properly. If you wash the base with water, soap and a cloth you will see that this problem is considerably minimised. After this, and after a few uses, the problem will disappear completely.

No, as the wastes lose their drainage capacity when this happens.


The installation of radiant floor heating under our shower bases depends on the working temperature of this heating system, as it not only intervenes with the shower base, but also with the adhesive that is used to install our bases. For surface temperatures of less than 100ºF-115ºF (40ºC-45ºC) there should be no problem. In any case, contact us if you are in any doubt.

A FIORATM shower base can be installed in steam shower, taking into account:

- The ambient temperature at the shower stall must not be higher than 120ºF (50ºC).

- The steam injection head must be located separated from the base, at least 10’’, in order to avoid direct contact with the incoming water.

The bases have been designed in accordance with most of the drains for bases that exit in the market. A few examples of drain models are recommended in the Fiora catalogue.

With the instructions that included with our base, which can and also can be downloaded at on this webpage, we specify how to complete the drain installation. Simply follow the manufacturer recommendations as per the provided sketch below.

Drain connect base


No, as our special METALFACE treatment prevents this issue.

The surface finish is very resistant to scratching, but can be damaged if Fiora installation and normal use procedures are not taken into consideration. This material has the advantage to be it can be easily repaired in case of scratches.


Follow these easy advices and you will enjoy your FIORATM SILEX shower base for many years.

For routine cleaning (after showering), all you have to do is rinse the shower base and make sure that the bathroom has proper ventilation.

For deeper cleaning, rinse the shower base with water and use a wet cloth or non-abrasive sponge with any available commercial bathroom cleaning product.

Avoid using cleaning products or disinfectants that contain alcohol. Abrasive products (scouring pads, rough rags or other similar items) should not be used, since they can damage the shower base surface.

Limescale-resistant sprays or other similar shower cleaning products can be used for maintenance. These products should be applied directly to the shower base and then rinsed – recommended for locations that have a very hard water supply (with high levels of limescale).


Front and sides of furniture

Made with highly moisture resistant materials with zero absorption capacity so that they can be cleaned with a cloth moistened in water or any general cleaning product available at any supermarket. DO NOT USE PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN SOLVENTS OR ABRASIVE ELEMENTS FOR CLEANING.


For routine cleaning, all you have to do is rinse the surface with water after use.

For deeper cleaning, rinse the surface with water and use a wet cloth or nonabrasive sponge with any available domestic bathroom cleaning product. Avoid using cleaning products or disinfectants that contain alcohol. Abrasive products (scouring pads, rough rags or other similar items) should not be used, since they can damage the surface of the sinks.

Limescale-resistant sprays or other similar shower cleaning products can be used for maintenance. These products should be applied directly to the sink and then rinsed – recommended for locations that have a very hard water supply (with high levels of limescale).

ATTENTION: The use of dyes, acids or solvent products, such as universal solvents, turpentine, or acetone may damage and/or alter the color coating if they exceed the maximum exposure time limits explained on the product table.

FIORATM articles, which are made in Silexpol, can be repaired. Surface top coat scratches and even chipped areas can be easily repaired. Contact AD WATERS customer service to order a repair kit and see the spare parts section of this catalogue for code and pricing. See www.fiora.usfor more details.